What do we supply?

BlueMoon Solutions have partnered with Spanish Ink – – to provide the very best in compatible and re-manufacturered inks to our customers.

What Inks are you able to supply?

We are able to supply inks for over 1000 different printers, so most makes and models are catered for, below is a list of printers that are are able to supply inks for…

  • Epson
  • Brother
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Lexmark
  • Canon
  • Dell
  • What is the difference between original, compatible and re-manufactured?

    We are regularly asked what is the difference between original ink, compatible equivalents and also what is re-manufacturered ink. Well original inks are those that are supplied by the manufacturer of your printer. When combined with original paper, they provide the very best quality output that you can achieve from your printer, however original ink and original paper is, in comparison, very expensive and way over the top for the type of output that most people require. That brings us onto compatible and re-manufacturered ink, both of these are replacements for original ink and both usually satisfy the qualify requirements of most of our customers. Re-manufactured inks are the original inks, cleaned and refilled, the originals are re-used because of the complexity in manufacturing these types of inks, its just not cost effective to do so. Most HP inks fall into this category. Compatible inks are made from scratch, not using any of the components of the original inks, the compatible inks that supply are of the highest quality and we are sure that you will find them comparible to the original inks that you have used.