Astronomy and Astro Photography with your phone (Part 1)….

With the nights drawing in and things getting darker earlier and lighter later, my thoughts turn to the skies. You may (or may not) be aware that we live in some of the best areas for stargazing in the world. Its not that difficult to find a “dark area” within easy walk/drive of most of our homes here on the Costa Blanca. There are plenty of nature reserves and areas without street lighting that enable us even with the naked eye to see some of the wonders of the Universe. Alternatively, if you want to see even more – further afield, down in Almeria, we have the Calar Alto Observatory – where you could visit and look through their state-of-the-art telescopes. Read this entire article »

iOS 11 – Available Now For iPhones and iPads…

Are you lucky enough to be the proud owner of an apple iPhone or iPad? Then you probably have been receiving messages about a new operating system. It’s called iOS 11 and it’s free to download if you have an iPhone 5S or an iPad mini 2, Pro or Air or newer. This month we will look at some of the advantages of this new system but also some of the things you should check before you decide to press the upgrade button. Read this entire article »

Smart “stuff” – phones, tablets and other smart devices

Everything seems to be picking up the tag of “smart” nowadays with SmartPhones, SmartTV’s and even SmartFridges we are being bombarded with promises that by buying the latest gadget it will help us, and in some way make our lives easier.

I am old enough to remember a time before video recorders, DVD players, mobile phones and the Internet. Ask anyone under the age of 20 what a video recorder was and they will look at you with a slightly confused look – inform them that there was a point in time when the Internet didn’t exist and they will have you carted off to the nearest hospital! The fact is that we get used to technology so quickly and it integrates into our lives so completely that we soon wonder how on earth we ever coped without it.

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