Suspicious Emails – how to tell if they are real or not

I receive emails and phone calls every day from worried people all around the Costa Blanca, asking whether the email they have just received from Microsoft, Yahoo, Adobe, Apple (insert any company name you like here), is legitimate. Of course the honest answer is “I dont know without looking at it”. Most of these emails are so sophisticated and look so much like the real thing that its almost impossible to tell whether the one you’ve just received is a scam, spam or legitimate so this month I hope to give you some pointers in order to help you figure out truth from fiction. Read this entire article »

Armageddon coming to a Windows XP machine near you!

On the 8th April this year Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP (and Office 2003) – that is, if you read the popular press and believe everything that the “guy down the pub that knows computers” says then your whole computing world will end. Famine will sweep across your hard drive, a plague of locusts may well emerge from your CD ROM drive and every single hacker in the whole world will go to town on your bank account details. Or will they? Read this entire article »

Crypto Virus – Update (how to protect yourself!)

Last time we looked at a new virus making the rounds called Crypto Locker, this virus is ‘ransomware’ and not only locks you out of your computer, demanding money to give you access again but also encrypts all of your important data so even asking/paying a computer tech to clear the virus won’t give you your data back! Read this entire article »

Crypto Locker Virus

Ok, I know that we are all cautious when it comes to viruses and we always try to ensure that we have our anti-virus programs up to date. However, in reality the worst case scenario is that if you are unlucky enough to become infected all you will need to do is pay someone like me some folding stuff to come and sort it out for you. Even if you are badly infected, computer experts can in most cases recover all of your important data (as long as you haven’t tried too hard to fix it yourself that is!) Read this entire article »

Google Shuts Down, Stops, Closes Down – This November!

If I had a euro for the number of times I have been asked whether Google, one of the world’s biggest companies (worth over $289 billion) was closing in November, well I would be at least a decent meal with a nice bottle of wine better off! Read this entire article »

Email Security – How Can I Make Sure My Account Is Safe?

It’s a common problem – one I see and hear about practrically every day. You turn on your computer to check your emails and enter your username and password, (or maybe your computer has this automatically saved but this morning it’s asking you for your details). This morning, whatever you type in, the “computer says no!” Read this entire article »

What’s the score with Microsoft Hotmail, Outlook, Windows Live Messenger and Skype?

I’ve had more emails in the past month about the above topics than anything else, so I thought I would dedicate some time explaining what Microsoft seem incapable of doing in words that we can all understand!

So in the best interests of the plain English campaign here goes…

Hotmail > Outlook

This is probably the one change that will affect most of us here on the Costas.  If you have an email address ending,,, (and a whole bunch more – essentially any address that you use at the current website) then you will be affected. Read this entire article »

Computer New Year’s Resolutions…

Well it’s that time of year again! Christmas is over (well the one on the 25th December is anyway) I hope you all had a great time, received the presents you were hoping for and didn’t drink too much – well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

As we start to make those unrealistic resolutions that we never have any intention of keeping, I thought I would throw in a few more achievable resolutions that you should consider for the health of your computer. Read this entire article »

Warning Emails – How Do You Know Whether They Are Hoax?

Over the past few months I have seen a marked rise in the number of emails being forwarded about various things from the “next big virus” to how “Bill Gates is sharing his fortune”, I find that the large majority of them are simply hoxes but I am constantly asked by customers how they can tell whether an email they receive is legitimate, well this month we have help for you. Read this entire article »