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How much does Google know about you?

Or more to the point, how much do you want Google to be able to store about you?  Since March 2012 Google have started to store much more information about how you use your computer and if you haven’t opted out of their new privacy policy then you might want to consider doing so.

Google stores information about you based on the pages that you search the Internet for and from your use of Gmail if you use that as an email account.  Historically it has used this information to provide targeted advertising to you based on your search terms on the Google website. Read this entire article »

Kindle – Part 2…

This month we continue to look at Amazons book reader, the Kindle, last month we looked at how you might use additional software to get the best out of the Kindle, and this month we continue in the same vein, covering some of the less well-known features of this great little device. Read this entire article »

Kindle – Part 1…

This month we look at Amazon’s book reader, the Kindle. Part 1

It seems to be this year’s most popular gift judging by the number of people that have asked for help with setting it up, connecting it to WIFI, changing the default country etc. so this month I thought we would spend some time looking at this great little device. Read this entire article »