How to improve your WiFi network range…

With more and more connected devices in our homes (phone, tablet, laptop, computer and now even TV for lots of us) it’s becoming more necessary for us to have a good, reliable Wi-Fi connection throughout the house and even out into the garden for those long hot, Facebook messenger filled nights!

Whilst many of you have nice fast broadband internet connections, I am still hearing complains about the range of those networks. People are telling me that their Wi-Fi is great in the living room but maybe in the bedroom it’s not great and outside is almost impossible to use. Read this entire article »

Covid 19 Passport – is there an easy way to carry it with you?

Welcome to 2022 everyone!

I sincerely hope this will be the year that everything gets back to normal – and by normal, I mean that old use of the word, not this funky “new normal” that we all keep talking about. I hope you all had a happy and, just as importantly, healthy festive time over the past few weeks.

It seems that if we want to go anywhere more interesting than the living room or kitchen nowadays, we must carry our Covid passport with us and this month I thought that I would share with you a little app I have found that helps keep a copy of this important document stored in an easily accessible place on your phone or tablet. Read this entire article »

Improve the security of your home with wifi cameras…

If you’ve a house here in Spain or holiday apartment, you might have wondered before how great it would be if you could see what’s going on in your home when you’re not there?

Wi-Fi enabled home security cameras have moved on a fair bit over the past few years and are now very easy to setup and use yourself without any specialist knowledge. This month we look at one of the options for home security. Read this entire article »

Update your SIP Card with key information from home…

As I am sure you are all aware the SIP card is used to get medical services here in Spain. The SIP card comes in a few different styles, but all do the same thing. As I understand it, your local medical centre will contact you using the phone number registered with your SIP card to arrange for your attendance for the COVID-19 vaccine. If your phone number is out of date or incorrect then they will not be able to contact you as easily. Thankfully its straight forward to ensure your correct details are registered to your SIP card without the hassle of booking an appointment at the health centre to get them to do it – you can do it all from the comfort of your own Internet connection. Read this entire article »

Ever Wondered Why You See Personalised Ads…

We all (well most of us anyway) use social media and Google and increasingly we will see adverts appear in our search results or timeline. Did you know that these large technology companies know quite a lot about you, your likes and wants – that is how they know which adverts you might be more interested in. Read this entire article »

iOS 11 – Available Now For iPhones and iPads…

Are you lucky enough to be the proud owner of an apple iPhone or iPad? Then you probably have been receiving messages about a new operating system. It’s called iOS 11 and it’s free to download if you have an iPhone 5S or an iPad mini 2, Pro or Air or newer. This month we will look at some of the advantages of this new system but also some of the things you should check before you decide to press the upgrade button. Read this entire article »

Google Maps – out of this world!

So, many of you realise that I have a keen interest in things “not of this world”. Here is more computer based astronomy stuff for you.

Most people will be aware that Google have mapped pretty much most of the planet we live on, Google Maps and Google Earth are great applications that can be used for many things from simply looking up places on the planet to using your phone as a satelite navigation tool for getting around.

What many people won’t be aware of is that Google haven’t stopped just mapping our planet, but they have been merrily mapping our satelite (i.e. the Moon) and Mars (the red planet) and the rest of the nights sky. Read this entire article »

Making Your Wireless Signal Go Further…

Many of us nowadays use our computers, laptops, tablets, phones and even other devices wirelessly. It’s convenient and simple to connect our devices to wireless networks (well it is if our Internet Service Provider give us a nice simple password to use, eh?) and we use them on more and more things in the home; the problem is that the signal strength, when combined with our concrete walls here on the Costa Blanca, sometimes can be an issue – so what can we do about it? Read this entire article »

MediSafe – the easy way to continue taking the pills..

If, like me, you have to take pills every day and you keep forgetting to take them then I have the solution for you – a great app called MediSafe . You see I increasingly find it difficult to remember to keep “taking the pills” and recently after I had my leg in plaster I also had to remember to take a whole lot more of them – and a daily injection!

Some of the medication had to be taken once a day, others had to be taken several times a day and to be honest with you I was so busy and so uninterested in taking the medication that I regularly forgot. I had to find a way to ensure that I kept taking them for obvious reasons and being never more than an arms length away from my trusty smart phone I decided to see if there was a app that I would be able to use to replace my failing memory. Read this entire article »

Wunderlist – a great collaborative list-making app

I love making lists! I make lists of things I need to do for work, home, personal life and my business life. It is how I “get things done” – or at least how I like to kid myself that I am at least mildly efficient. Therefore, you can imagine my utter joy when I learned that I could combine my love of things technical with my obsession with making lists!

I needed to keep a list but also share and collaborate that list with someone else. My previous solution would have been to write (or type) the list out and then simply hand it to the other person and say, “here, add your stuff”. However, that simply would not have worked in this instance, as we wanted to add things as we thought of them and we also wanted to complete tasks on the list and ‘tick’ them off in real time as they were done so that the list would be up to date all of the time – I found Wunderlist! Read this entire article »