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MediSafe – the easy way to continue taking the pills..

If, like me, you have to take pills every day and you keep forgetting to take them then I have the solution for you – a great app called MediSafe . You see I increasingly find it difficult to remember to keep “taking the pills” and recently after I had my leg in plaster I also had to remember to take a whole lot more of them – and a daily injection!

Some of the medication had to be taken once a day, others had to be taken several times a day and to be honest with you I was so busy and so uninterested in taking the medication that I regularly forgot. I had to find a way to ensure that I kept taking them for obvious reasons and being never more than an arms length away from my trusty smart phone I decided to see if there was a app that I would be able to use to replace my failing memory. Read this entire article »

Is It Me…

I quite often receive phone calls and emails from people telling me that they have problems with their Internet and they dont know whether the problem is with them (i.e. their computer / laptop / tablet) or with their service providers (i.e. Movistar, local wireless provider etc.) – this month we attempt to give you some tools that should help you identify where the problem is and therefore be able to contact the appropriate person with a little more confidence. Read this entire article »

Smartphone Apps that do good…

Now that smart phones are becoming more ubiquitous it seems normal to think of using them first for all sorts of things – for example when I want to find the answer for something, need a torch, find directions or even just to keep a note of something I use my smart phone. I realise that I may rely on my phone more than most but it has now become quite natural to turn to it first for many of its useful functions. So, in that light its not surprising that there are now many social apps that take advantage of this ‘always at hand’ nature of our touch screen friends – this month we look at a couple of those apps. Read this entire article »

2014 – Review

Wow, what a year! It doesn’t seem two minutes ago that we were complaining about how hot it was – now we have the log burners on and are sitting shivering under the blankets at night! This month, given its a New Year I thought it might be nice to review what we covered last year in our monthly articles. Read this entire article »

AntiVirus Review

I was recently asked to give a talk to the association of retired police officers (ARPO) about Internet security i.e. Anti Virus and all that sort of stuff – they must have been stuck for someone interesting to talk to them so in a fit of panic asked me to!

Anyway, in doing research for the talk I came across a very interesting fact – AVG is no longer the best free antivirus out there – and I thought you should know about it.

I regularly review statistics on anti-virus products in an attempt to keep up with current trends and to offer my customers the best advice that I can. Every time that I have checked over at least the past 8 years, either AVG or Avast have been the best free antivirus products with Kasperskey usually topping the list of products that you have to pay for. Well this month to my suprise there is a new guy that has knocked AVG and Avast from the top free positions – its name is Panda antivirus. Read this entire article »


Welcome to the first of many computer related articles brought to you each month by BlueMoon Solutions. We are very pleased to have been asked by Gran Alacant’s most popular magazine to keep you up to date with technology news. Each month we will bring you news and interesting snippets from the world of technology. As always we welcome feedback and suggestions for topics and we will try to accommodate where possible. Read this entire article »