Covid 19 Passport – is there an easy way to carry it with you?

Welcome to 2022 everyone!

I sincerely hope this will be the year that everything gets back to normal – and by normal, I mean that old use of the word, not this funky “new normal” that we all keep talking about. I hope you all had a happy and, just as importantly, healthy festive time over the past few weeks.

It seems that if we want to go anywhere more interesting than the living room or kitchen nowadays, we must carry our Covid passport with us and this month I thought that I would share with you a little app I have found that helps keep a copy of this important document stored in an easily accessible place on your phone or tablet. Read this entire article »

Getting your Covid vaccine digital certificate…

This is something I see asked a lot on social media, and a number of customers have asked how to get their Covid Certificate, so I thought I would do a “step by step” guide on how to do it if you’re in our region (other regions may differ of course.

Read this entire article »

Ever Thought Of Donating Your Organs?

I’ll grant you, it’s not something that you would usually find on my pages, but because it involves using the Internet to register, I’m claiming it as something that I can write about!

I guess it’s not something that we like to think about much but if we can help people before or after our demise then that’s a good thing in my opinion. Read this entire article »

Book your medical appointments online with Salut App

A couple of years ago, we wrote about the Generalitat Valenciana website pages that help you book your medical appointments online. Although the website worked, it was, however ‘protected’ with some digital certificates that caused problems for so many people that for many it was simply unusable.

Now there is a new and more friendly option if you have a smartphone or tablet – which I know many of you do. GVA + Salut is a mobile app that our regional governers have created to help make booking online easy – well easier anyway! The app, understandably is only available in Valenciano or Castillano, but its much easier to use than the website. Read this entire article »

Zwift – the future of cycling indoors!

As you probably already know, I have a penchant for cycling and this month I managed to mix one of my favourite sports with my other love – computers!

Zwift is a piece of software that allows you to connect your bike, an indoors trainer and your computer, the most sensors you have, the more the integration works. If you have a smart trainer (one that connects to your computer) then Zwift will change the resistance based on the terrain that you are cycling through!

Ok I hear you ask, you live in Spain, why on earth would you want to cycle indoors? Well that’s a good point and at first I thought the same thing, however there are some days when its either too windy, too rainy (not many haha) or too hot to safely cycle outdoors, so this system gives you an alternative. Its’ quick, easy and really handy if you have room to have it set up perminantly like I do – I can finish work and be on the bike cycling around Watopia (the name of the island that you cycle around in Zwift) in a matter of a few minutes without ever leaving the house. Read this entire article »

MediSafe – the easy way to continue taking the pills..

If, like me, you have to take pills every day and you keep forgetting to take them then I have the solution for you – a great app called MediSafe . You see I increasingly find it difficult to remember to keep “taking the pills” and recently after I had my leg in plaster I also had to remember to take a whole lot more of them – and a daily injection!

Some of the medication had to be taken once a day, others had to be taken several times a day and to be honest with you I was so busy and so uninterested in taking the medication that I regularly forgot. I had to find a way to ensure that I kept taking them for obvious reasons and being never more than an arms length away from my trusty smart phone I decided to see if there was a app that I would be able to use to replace my failing memory. Read this entire article »