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Online Accounts – Check Your Security NOW…

In an online world we are all more connected than ever before. For all of us, especially businesses, sometimes this is a helpful thing but also it can be a dangerous thing, unfortunately it’s the latter that I am discussing in this article.

We all know about password security but sometimes in our busy working lives we ignore the potential dangers because “everything is ok”, and we are busy getting on with day-to-day things, however occasionally problems can arise because of our lack of vigilance. We all have so many accounts nowadays (email, Facebook, What’s App, MyFitnessPro etc.) it’s very tempting to use the same details across all of them. Read this entire article »

Installing a digital certificate on your IOS device…

In Spain the easiest way to access electronic services (SUMA, DGT, etc.) is through a digital certificate. This is a small, secure file that is usually issued to you on request through your town hall, police station or other “official” location (check your local area for where they are issued). Read this entire article »

My Computer/Internet Doesn’t work…What Can I Do?

I quite often receive phone calls and emails from people telling me that they have problems with their Internet and they don’t know whether the problem is with them (i.e. their computer / laptop / tablet) or with their Internet provider (i.e. Movistar, local wireless provider etc.) – this month we attempt to give you some tools that should help you identify where the problem is and therefore be able to contact the appropriate person with a little more confidence. Read this entire article »

Tracking Expenses and Expenditure…

If, like me, you have no idea where all your money goes – I think that gremlins break in at night and steal it all personally, usually after I’ve had too many vino tintos!

I’ve started to use a tool that allows me to track what I’ve spent and where and I’ve found it quite useful. It also allows me to share the expenses with Liesl, so we can both add items to each of the categories as we spend, and then we can see an amalgamated categorised summary by month. Read this entire article »

Facebook Memorialization Settings…

This month we cover the tricky ( and not very happy) subject of what happens to your social media account when you die. I know, none of us like to think about it but one of the things that does upset me is seeing Facebook notifications (birthdays etc.) from the accounts of people that I know have passed away. It’s a sad reminder that things carry on regardless of whether we’re around or not but if you decide what you want to happen before the event then at least your loved ones can close your accounts when you’ve gone. Read this entire article »


Would you believe that it’s been 8 years this month since I started writing for this auspicious publication? In those 8 years we have covered many topics from backups, solid state drives and upgrading your computer all the way through to astronomy and astro photography! The first article was related to the “I’m calling from Microsoft” scam and its probably worth revisiting this, as believe it or not, its still doing the rounds.

So, although I am sure that many of you will have heard of this and other scams where you receive a phone call from someone purporting to be from Microsoft / Apple / Your Internet Service Provider / your bank etc. to tell you that your computer is, sending out spam / viruses / compromised / etc. Read this entire article »

Covid 19 Passport – is there an easy way to carry it with you?

Welcome to 2022 everyone!

I sincerely hope this will be the year that everything gets back to normal – and by normal, I mean that old use of the word, not this funky “new normal” that we all keep talking about. I hope you all had a happy and, just as importantly, healthy festive time over the past few weeks.

It seems that if we want to go anywhere more interesting than the living room or kitchen nowadays, we must carry our Covid passport with us and this month I thought that I would share with you a little app I have found that helps keep a copy of this important document stored in an easily accessible place on your phone or tablet. Read this entire article »

Windows 11 – Do I, Or Don’t I?

Is it really December already? Wow that year really passed by quickly! Hopefully next year the world will settle down a bit and we can get back to what might be something like normal, fingers crossed.

One of the things that has changed this year is Microsoft’s flagship operating system has been upgraded and if you have a qualifying computer, you can download it for free. Read this entire article »

Improve the security of your home with wifi cameras…

If you’ve a house here in Spain or holiday apartment, you might have wondered before how great it would be if you could see what’s going on in your home when you’re not there?

Wi-Fi enabled home security cameras have moved on a fair bit over the past few years and are now very easy to setup and use yourself without any specialist knowledge. This month we look at one of the options for home security. Read this entire article »

Extending Your Homes Wi-Fi Range…

Nowadays, we are so used to being able to connect wirelessly from our phones / tablets / computers that it´s hard to believe that not so verylong ago Wi-Fi was a thing of science fiction. We’re so connected nowadays that we expect it to work in every part of our homes from our beds to pretty much anywhere we happen to be sitting in, around or outside our houses. Read this entire article »