Let’s talk about backups – again!

Yes, I know I bang on about backups all of the time, but really – there is a very good reason for doing so. Only last week I collected a computer from a business and the PC was exhibiting signs of a damaged hard drive (the bit inside a computer where your important stuff is stored). As I carry the ailing computer out of the office, its owner asks “I won’t lose any of my stuff will I?”. Of course I tried to reassure him that I would do everything possible to save the precious data, but the fact was that it was certainly possible that the data could be lost. Now the frustrating thing about this anecdote is that I have mentioned backups to this company on at least 5 separate occasions, each time it was accepted that they were a good thing but also something that would be “thought about”. Fortunately I did manage to recover the data and sorted out the computer, the owner was very pleased when I returned it, all working great but to my knowledge they still don’t backup their important data. Read this entire article »

Windows 10 – after the dust has settled…

Back in June I wrote an article entitled “Yes Microsoft really is offering you a free copy of Windows 10”, it was aimed at dispelling the myth that many people had about this being one of the latest scams. By then I had been using the pre-release version of Windows 10 for about a year and although it was impossible to tell what the end product would be like I found it a stable and easy to use system. Read this entire article »