GPS, navigation technology and help relating to software or hardware designed to get you around.

Google Maps – out of this world!

So, many of you realise that I have a keen interest in things “not of this world”. Here is more computer based astronomy stuff for you.

Most people will be aware that Google have mapped pretty much most of the planet we live on, Google Maps and Google Earth are great applications that can be used for many things from simply looking up places on the planet to using your phone as a satelite navigation tool for getting around.

What many people won’t be aware of is that Google haven’t stopped just mapping our planet, but they have been merrily mapping our satelite (i.e. the Moon) and Mars (the red planet) and the rest of the nights sky. Read this entire article »

How did we ever cope without it?

Well it’s June again, and summer is here – well it should be!  I’m sitting writing this outside the Hostal Galicia in La Marina in a comfortable twenty something degrees with black rain clouds overhead!I think I know why it’s about to rain – friends of ours from the UK arrived to stay with us for a week and so I have decided to blame them for the weather – it’s all their fault OK!

Last night I was thinking about the technology used in getting them from the UK over to our place in Algorfa (every time I tell customers from Gran Alacant that we live in Algorfa they say “where’s that?” – it’s about 25 mins down the coast, 10 mins inland from Guardarmar – you really should get out more).  Anyway back to the technology (blame the clouds for my mood!) Read this entire article »

Google Maps Gran Alacant!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and didn’t over indulge too much and I certainly hope you didn’t get caught up in the delays getting to and from the UK just before the festive season – why is it that the UK seems to go to pot every time it snows? This month we are going to look at Google Maps and some of the facilities that if offers for both computer and mobile users. Read this entire article »