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Social Networking

Help and advice relating to social networking and instant messaging sites and software

Smartphone Apps that do good…

Now that smart phones are becoming more ubiquitous it seems normal to think of using them first for all sorts of things – for example when I want to find the answer for something, need a torch, find directions or even just to keep a note of something I use my smart phone. I realise that I may rely on my phone more than most but it has now become quite natural to turn to it first for many of its useful functions. So, in that light its not surprising that there are now many social apps that take advantage of this ‘always at hand’ nature of our touch screen friends – this month we look at a couple of those apps. Read this entire article »

Use your computer to help humanity…

Your desktop computer or laptop probably spends a good portion of its time not doing anything.  Some of you may even leave your computers permanently turned on (nothing wrong with that) so that when you’re ready to use it, it’s there waiting for your every command.

This ‘waste’ of processing time has caught the attention of some researchers.  You see, most of the time research involves using powerful super-computers to spend their time crunching away at data.  The issue is that these big computers can be very expensive – for example, to rent a 320 core computer for just one month for your research projects, would cost you around 30,000€ – and many research projects run for years.  [email protected] (the Berkeley research project to search astronomical data in search of extra-terrestrial life) for example has been running since 1999!  The 320 core super-computer mentioned above, incidentally is nowhere near the world’s fastest computer which has 3,120,000 cores! Read this entire article »

Happy Valentines Day!

This month will see an orgy of gift-giving and sloppy obsession as couples around the Costa Blanca show their appreciation for one another on Valentine’s Day, so this month I thought we would have a look at some technology you might want to buy your other half to help get them into better shape.

Of course if you really loved your partner you would have bought them a Microsoft X-Box One for Christmas like my lovely wife did! If you didn’t then don’t worry, by using the information in this article I’m sure you will be able to recover and once again ingratiate yourself with your other half. Read this entire article »

Micro Loans…

You could be forgiven for thinking that the Internet has turned into a big commercial shopping centre – a place where you can buy pretty much anything and not a charitable place at all.

We have previously, in this column, covered how you can even get things for free via the Internet, well this month we are going to look at how the Internet can allow you to help people less fortunate than us build a better life. Read this entire article »

What Is Twitter?

This month we look at Twitter, the communication tool used by many, including the famous to communicate with millions of people. 

You may, or may not have heard of it, but this month we look at how you can use it, why you would want to use it and what applications you need in order to access or post your tweets. Read this entire article »

FaceBook Games

For the past month I have been ploughing fields, planting crops, rearing sheep and chickens, milking cows and earning enough money to buy more land and farm equipment (tractors, seeders etc). At the same time I have been growing my commercial fish tanks, and I now have three tanks, each with 50 exotic fish in them. Read this entire article »

New Ideas

This month we are going to look at how you can get more out of the Internet by using it to view videos. We look at a great site that hosts informative and interesting video talks. Read this entire article »

Windows Live Mesh

Welcome to the future – this is no April fool! This month we are going to be looking at a fantastic new service called “Live Mesh”. This great new tool from Microsoft essentially allows you to share, synchronise and access your important information wherever you are and with whoever you want – all free!

You Tube

YouTube – what’s it all about then?

You may, or may not, have heard people talking about “YouTube” and wondered what they are on about, you know its something to do with computers and the Internet and perhaps something to do with video but other than that you have no idea – well this month we will look at the phenomenon that is Read this entire article »

Instant Messaging

For some time now people with computers have been using a new form of communication – instant messaging. It’s like sending a text message, just without the cost! This month we find out how you can join in this rapidly growing new form of communication.. Read this entire article »