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Help and advice relating to software piracy and how to ensure that you have a legal copy of Windows.

Is your computer legal?

Well, here I am again, sitting outside in the glorious March sun, thinking of things to type while I wait for my wife Liesl to finish her belly dancing class – yep, she is going to kill me for putting that in this months article 😉 Read this entire article »

Is your computer legal

This month I would like to take some time to expand on a subject mentioned in last month’s article. I have been contacted by a number of people who have bought PC’s or laptops from computer stores – some of them from VERY large stores in Spain. When purchasing their Spanish computer they have been offered a “conversion” to the English version of the supplied operating system either Windows XP or Vista. However, and this is the problem, they have not been given the appropriate restore media in English. Read this entire article »