Are You A List Maker?

Are You A List Maker?

I love lists! I love that they help organise me when I’ve lots to get done, I love that they help me see what needs to be prioritised and whether tasks can be outsourced to upper management (the missis!) or have to be done by me. I also, as you well know, love technology!

Back in March 2016 I reported a great tool called Wunderlist…

…this was a great app that lived both on your phone or other mobile device and on your PC, allowing you to add, change and update your list tasks on either device. Once updated your lists would be synchronised so that they were available and up to date whenever and wherever you needed them.

Well, as with all good things, if they are good then someone buys them and this, unfortunately, has been the case with Wunderlist – Microsoft bought them for the rumoured price of 100-200 million US dollars! The app is now called Microsoft To-Do and I am afraid I don’t like it. It’s likely a personal thing and I really have tried to like it, I usually love Microsoft software but this just doesn’t feel as good as the original and some of the functionality had been lost (like the ability to nest lists – although I believe that has now been fixed).

Anyway, all of this brings me onto Todoist – – this is what I am now using and I do recommend it. Again its free (like Wunderlist was) for the basic features (which is all I seem to use), it not only synchronizes between my phone and my computer, it allows me to share lists with other people and even allows me to ask my Amazon Alexa to add items to specific lists – “Alexa add red wine to the shopping list” – and she does!

If you’d like to see a video of their list of features and a good overview of what it can do then have a look at but if you like lists then I urge you to look into these tools, especially if you use mobile devices and want to be organised on the go!