Drawing to the close of another year…

Drawing to the close of another year…

Well I don’t know about you but I’m not going to be mourning the end of 2020, all in all it’s not been a great year for many of us and as we enter the final month I wish all of you as lovely a Christmas as you can have in the current climate and a much more enjoyable 2021!

Something worth covering as we still seem to be in the depths of this horrible Covid pandemic is the official Spanish government app that you can download if you have a compatible smart phone device (either Android or iPhone).

If you’re using an iPhone you can get it from the App Store at


and if you’re using an Android device you can find it in the Play Store at


If you have already got the app then I would recommend launching it on your phone as when I did it was asking for acceptance of the terms and conditions for it to continue to work.

The app is very simple, it anonymously records interactions with nearby mobile phones over a 14 day period – no personal information is sent anywhere, the app simply records the mobile phones that you have been close to (anonymously). Also for those of you that are worried about personal tracking, the app does not geolocate, so it has no idea where you have been, just which phones you have been near in the past 14 days and even that information is recorded anonymously.

If you, or one of the users of a phone you have been close to in the past 14 days, clicks on the “Report your positive COVID-19 notification” button inside the app then you will be notified as someone who might be at risk and you can take the appropriate action.

If you’d like to see more information before you take part, then you can visit the official website here…