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Smartphone Apps that do good…

Smartphone Apps that do good…

Now that smart phones are becoming more ubiquitous it seems normal to think of using them first for all sorts of things – for example when I want to find the answer for something, need a torch, find directions or even just to keep a note of something I use my smart phone. I realise that I may rely on my phone more than most but it has now become quite natural to turn to it first for many of its useful functions. So, in that light its not surprising that there are now many social apps that take advantage of this ‘always at hand’ nature of our touch screen friends – this month we look at a couple of those apps.

If you have a skill that you‘re willing to use to help people – doctor, nurse, first aider, policeman etc. then this app’s for you. It sits on your phone waiting for something to happen close by that your skills can be used for and then it alerts you. If you are able to help then great, the app will direct you to the problem and you can help using the skills you already have. We all know that emergency care works best when performed as soon as possible, so you could literally be the difference between life and death for someone by using this app. You can see more information and examples at

Alertcops is an app developed by the State Law Enforcement Authorities (FFCCSE are the Spanish initials). Its purpose is to make it easier for the public to report and register a crime or a security incident straight from your smartphone! Once installed and activated you can use the app to report all types of things including theft, vandalism, assault, bullying, sexual assault, fighting in groups and lost or stolen items and the best thing about the app is that its available in both Spanish and English.

The app also has a ‘call’ function allowing you to get straight through to the police or Guardia civil without having to remember the relevant numbers. It has a ‘chat’ function so that you can use the app discretely and it even has a ‘map’ function which will tell you (and the people trying to help you) where you are. You can also store important information in the app like your contact details, address and blood group – all useful stuff if you find yourself needing to use it. Of course I can hear the ‘bar room paranoid’ now spouting that this is solely so that the authorities can track our movements! I for one don’t have that much of an interesting life that anyone could be bothered tracking me so I’m quite happy to use it for the benefits that it may someday be useful for.