Social Networking

Help and advice relating to social networking and instant messaging sites and software

New Ideas

This month we are going to look at how you can get more out of the Internet by using it to view videos. We look at a great site that hosts informative and interesting video talks. Read this entire article »

Windows Live Mesh

Welcome to the future – this is no April fool! This month we are going to be looking at a fantastic new service called “Live Mesh”. This great new tool from Microsoft essentially allows you to share, synchronise and access your important information wherever you are and with whoever you want – all free!

You Tube

YouTube – what’s it all about then?

You may, or may not, have heard people talking about “YouTube” and wondered what they are on about, you know its something to do with computers and the Internet and perhaps something to do with video but other than that you have no idea – well this month we will look at the phenomenon that is Read this entire article »

Instant Messaging

For some time now people with computers have been using a new form of communication – instant messaging. It’s like sending a text message, just without the cost! This month we find out how you can join in this rapidly growing new form of communication.. Read this entire article »


With over 10,000 new blogs created every day on the Internet, I thought this month I would spend some time writing about them and demonstrating how easy they are to create if you fancy having a go. Read this entire article »