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Welcome to the first of many computer related articles brought to you each month by BlueMoon Solutions. We are very pleased to have been asked by Gran Alacant’s most popular magazine to keep you up to date with technology news. Each month we will bring you news and interesting snippets from the world of technology. As always we welcome feedback and suggestions for topics and we will try to accommodate where possible.

This month we have had loads of questions relating to the Kindle, so I thought I would spend a little time answering some of the questions I am frequently asked on the subject. The Kindle is the electronic book reader sold by Amazon. It is a great little device and most of the books available for it are substantially cheaper than buying the paperback version. The most common question I am asked is whether the country can be changed on it so that the UK Amazon store can be used to purchase books. The answer is, of course, yes, although it’s not as easy as it could be. The “trick” is to change your Kindle’s settings from within your Amazon account on the website; it’s here that your Kindle’s country settings are stored.

Another common question is whether to buy the 3G Kindle or the cheaper WiFi Kindle. The answer depends on whether you will download books on the move or not. If you are happy to download new books just from your home then you should go for the cheaper WiFi Kindle, if however you want to be able to download your books from anywhere then it’s the 3G you need – remember this is only for actually downloading the books – you can always read them anywhere once they have been downloaded to your Kindle.

Also remember that you don’t need a Kindle to be able to buy cheaper books online from Amazon, you can also use your PC, Mac, iPad or Android device.