Getting your Covid vaccine digital certificate…

Getting your Covid vaccine digital certificate…

This is something I see asked a lot on social media, and a number of customers have asked how to get their Covid Certificate, so I thought I would do a “step by step” guide on how to do it if you’re in our region (other regions may differ of course.

Step 1 – visit the Generalitat Valencia website…
You can do this direct from your computer (my recommendation) by visiting the website or you can go into the GVASalut App on your smartphone or tablet and tap the three lines in the top left and select “Information” – if you use the app then you will need to also click on the “SOLICITAR CERTIFICADO COVID DIGITAL UE” option.

Step 2 – Enter your details…
• Enter your personal details, your SIP number from your card (it starts with a 0)
• Enter your date of birth (Fecha Nacimiento)
• Enter the issue date from your SIP card (Fecha Emisión Tarjeta SIP)
• Enter the code (codigo) that is displayed on the screen – the random letters (in capitals)
• Click on Validar

If you have entered the information that matches with the data that the health service have on their system then you will see an option to send a text message (Enviar SMS), click on this button. If you don’t see this button after you’ve clicked Validar then you may need to visit your health centre to ask for help.

If you’ve done it correctly, then after you click “enviar SMS” then you will receive a text message to the mobile phone registered with the health service – so make sure your mobile phone has a decent signal.

When you receive the text message enter the code (6 capital letters) in the section under “Introduzca el código SMS de confirmación enviado al teléfono” and click on the “Consultar” button.

Step 3 – Download your certificate.

You will have three options available on the screen now, the first one is your Covid digital certificate (Certificado COVID Digital de vacunación), click on the icon (red picture of a syringe) and your certificate will download. The file that downloads is a .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file which is the main reason that I suggest using a computer to follow this process as these files are easier opened on a computer rather than a phone or tablet.

Open up the file, which you can print if you like, and store it in a safe location for use whenever you need it – that’s it!

Good luck, hope it helps you a little.