How much does Google know about you?

How much does Google know about you?

Or more to the point, how much do you want Google to be able to store about you?  Since March 2012 Google have started to store much more information about how you use your computer and if you haven’t opted out of their new privacy policy then you might want to consider doing so.

Google stores information about you based on the pages that you search the Internet for and from your use of Gmail if you use that as an email account.  Historically it has used this information to provide targeted advertising to you based on your search terms on the Google website.

Since March, Google will be learning more about you by tracking what you watch on YouTube and what information you look at on Google Maps and by using this additional information Google could potentially learn your age, location, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and health status.  In addition if you are using an Android based smart phone, you could be giving away sensitive information because this is also tied into your Google account.

Data protection and civil liberties organizations are up in arms about the change and currently they are investigating whether Google has broken the European data protection laws!

If you don’t want Google to collect this type of information about you then you should opt out by doing the following…

  1. Sign into you Google Account
  2. Click Account Settings
  3. Click Profile and Privacy
  4. Under Google Privacy click Sign in to Dashboard
  5. Click Find Web History
  6. Click Remove all Web History

… by taking these steps you are protecting what information is stored about you and your web browsing.