Wunderlist – a great collaborative list-making app

Wunderlist – a great collaborative list-making app

I love making lists! I make lists of things I need to do for work, home, personal life and my business life. It is how I “get things done” – or at least how I like to kid myself that I am at least mildly efficient. Therefore, you can imagine my utter joy when I learned that I could combine my love of things technical with my obsession with making lists!

I needed to keep a list but also share and collaborate that list with someone else. My previous solution would have been to write (or type) the list out and then simply hand it to the other person and say, “here, add your stuff”. However, that simply would not have worked in this instance, as we wanted to add things as we thought of them and we also wanted to complete tasks on the list and ‘tick’ them off in real time as they were done so that the list would be up to date all of the time – I found Wunderlist!

Wunderlist is an app that you can download onto your iPhone, Android, PC or Mac. Once you have an account set up you can create lists to your hearts content. It´s possible to create multiple lists in the app and to individually name each of the lists, so for example, I have a list called ‘work urgent’ with all of the tasks that need to get completed this week and another called ‘work general’ with tasks that are less urgent and don’t have a specific time-related urgency.

Once you have created a few lists you will see how easy it is to do and if you have multiple devices (I have a work PC, an iPhone and a Windows tablet) you can install Wunderlist on each of these devices using the same login details, and you will see all of your lists across all of your devices. This is great for productivity, so for example when I’m out of the office using just my phone, I can add list items as they pop into my head, knowing that when I get back to the office those same items will have been automatically synchronised to my tablet and my PC.

Another great function of Wunderlist is its ability to allow you to collaborate lists. You can share your list with other people and then start to assign tasks to individuals – great if you want to work as a team to complete tasks. Liesl and I even have a list called ‘shopping list’ where either of us can add or remove items. As we notice things that we need they are added directly to the list so that whoever goes to the shops can always know what we are short of (usually beer and wine!)
If you would like to try Wunderlist for yourself, it is easy to find in either the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store or the Windows Store, all free. There are of course premium features that you can pay for if you need them but I find that the free version is perfectly fine for our needs.