Windows 11 – Do I, Or Don’t I?

Windows 11 – Do I, Or Don’t I?

Is it really December already? Wow that year really passed by quickly! Hopefully next year the world will settle down a bit and we can get back to what might be something like normal, fingers crossed.

One of the things that has changed this year is Microsoft’s flagship operating system has been upgraded and if you have a qualifying computer, you can download it for free.

To check whether your computer can run with the latest operating system you can click on the start button (bottom left of the desktop screen), then click settings, a new window will appear, and you should click on the last option – “update and security”. This is where you can check to sese if there are any new updates available for your computer and at this stage it would be a good idea to click on the “Check for updates” button to download and install any updates that are available for your Windows 10 operating system.

It’s here that you will also see any messages relating to Windows 11 and whether your computer is eligible for the upgrade. Don’t worry if your computer isn’t, it is only available for computers with the latest processor chips, even my very powerful computer isn’t eligible, the decision seems to have been made based on age of processor rather than ability to run – those cynical amongst you might think that it’s a crude push to move people to newer computers although Microsoft assert that its because it is simply not stable with older processors.

If your computer doesn’t give you any messages regarding Windows 11 then you can head over to – this link will download a small piece of software onto your computer which, when you run it, will check whether your computer is eligible and if it is it will give you the option to continue to upgrade.

What Should I Do?

Well, my advice is to perform the upgrade (or get a computer expert to do it for you) if your computer is eligible. It’s always a good idea to be on the most up to date version of Microsoft’s operating system as it will give you the most protection from security issues.

Do I need to Back up?

YES! Yes, yes and always yes. If you’ve been reading my ramblings for any length of time now you will have read me “bang on” about backups, they really are important and they are even more important to do before you make any big changes to your computer (like upgrading its operating system), so learn how to backup your data.

If you don’t have it twice then really you don’t have it at all! Contact me or your local computer expert if you want to learn how to backup or have a read here – where you can read all of the articles I’ve written about the subject.