Time to spring clean your computer!

Time to spring clean your computer!

Well it’s warming up! It is always tricky to write about the weather 2-3 weeks before you read my article so I hope that its not pouring down when you read this. It’s mid April at time of writing and and the days seem to be getting warmer and warmer, ramping up to what hopefully will be a lovely summer.

Summer is traditionally a quiet time of year for BlueMoon Solutions; as many of our customers either go back to the less stifling weather of the UK or just sit in the sea or pool cooling off. Quite understandably, it seems a bad time of year to be sitting inside using technology when you can be outside enjoying the long warm sunny days with family and friends – let’s face it, that’s why many of us moved to the Costa Blanca in the first place.

So this is the time of year that we look towards spring cleaning our computers. Over the next month or so take the time to check everything is working well, that your computer is backed up and ready to tide itself over the period of slow use. There are a number of things that you can do to help ensure that your PC or laptop is ready to use when you come back from the summer holidays armed with 100s of family photos to add to your creaking hard drive and this month I will give you some tips to help you achieve that.

1. Backups – yes we all know that we should do them, but in reality we don’t do them as often as we should. However with http://partners.carbonite.com/bluemoonsolutions there is no longer an excuse. This system, which works out to be only 50 euros a year will backup all of your PC or laptops’s documents, pictures, music etc. automatically.

2. Malware and PUP removal – as we move our way around the Internet from time to time we pick up the odd unwanted piece of software or malware. There is a great piece of software that will work its way through your computer and remove most if not all of this stuff. You can download MalWareBytes from www.malwarebytes.org – once downloaded you can run a scan and it will do its best to find and remove all of the nasties from your computer.
3. AntiVirus – check that you are on the latest version of your antivirus software. We recommend either Panda, Avast or AVG. The latest free version of AVG is 2015 and you can download it from http://free.avg.com – if you have a previous version of AVG, there is no need to remove it, just download and install the new version over the top and it will automatically remove the old version itself.