New Ideas

New Ideas

This month we are going to look at how you can get more out of the Internet by using it to view videos. We look at a great site that hosts informative and interesting video talks.

We already talked in this column about You Tube and how you can use to it find everything from comical videos through to informative step-by-step training guides. Now there is a new site that offers interesting and enlightening videos for those of you interested in hearing about new ideas.

The site is called Ted Talks and its slogan is “Ideas worth spreading”. It is dedicated to distributing new ideas from forward-thinking individuals and is well worth a visit.

The online seminars available at Ted Talks cover a wide range of subjects including Technology, Entertainment, Science, Design and Global Issues and talks range from Eric Giler demonstrating wireless electricity to Michael Shermer (director of the sceptic society) talking about Strange Beliefs!

For those of you with iPods, you can download any of the talks onto your device and watch them wherever you like. They are also available with subtitles in 28 different languages! Once you have watched a talk you can then provide feedback by adding your own comments on the talk.

In order to watch Ted Talks, you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer as is the technology that Ted, You Tube and many others use to send the video to your computer. Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded free from Adobe at the following address it is a small download (less than 2Mb) so even if you don’t have a broadband connection you should still be able to get hold of it. The talks can be watched on a dial up connection as well, however they will not be as smooth running with this sort of connection so I suggest downloading them first to your computer using their “Video to Desktop” option. It will take some time to download (a couple of hours for most), however if you have free dial up then that shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyway, have a look – if you have an enquiring mind you won’t be disappointed!

On a totally different note, we have been working on our own website over the past few months and though its not totally finished, we do feel that its better than the old one so we have published it on the Internet. You can have a look for yourself at – ignore the bits that aren’t finished yet!

And finally, we are pleased to announce that we are now working closely with Grannet (our local wireless Internet and phone service provider) to help them service any customers who have non-Internet related problems.

One final point – we have changed our office phone number, its now 902 906 200 and replaces the old 700 number that some people had difficulties using.