Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet

This month see’s BlueMoon’s first anniversary of writing your computer articles, many thanks for your support over our first year, I know that we could not have keep these articles going without your suggestions for content.

This month I thought I would spend some time writing about mobile Internet as this has been a “hot topic” for us (BlueMoon Solutions) this month.

There are various options available to those of you that are not able to, or dont want to, pay for a phone line, one of the most interesting, providing a fully mobile Internet service is the USB “dongle” available from both Vodafone and Movistar.

This device (see the picture), once connected to a PC or laptop allows a connection to the Internet from pretty much anywhere that you can receive a mobile telephone signal from.

The dongles come in 2 flavours, pay as you go (which will be of interest to those of you that have basic Internet needs or don’t live here permanently) and contacted which can provide an unlimited connection to the Internet for a fixed monthly amount.

I won’t bore you with the intricate details of each tariff and each contract as you can easily find this information out by visiting the relevant mobile phone shop.

The ‘dongle’ – yes that’s the correct term to use, uses the mobile phone network to connect your PC or laptop to the Internet, it is capable of utilising either GPRS (slow dial up speed) or 3G (fast broadband speed) and will automatically connect to the best available connection.

In fact, I am currently writing this months article whilst sitting outside the café in the La Marina Bowls Club at a reported speed of 3.6 Mbit, although that is not the actual speed that its connected at a quick check of the connection speed at still shows a very good upload rate of over 300kbps – easily good enough to use Skype!