MediSafe – the easy way to continue taking the pills..

MediSafe – the easy way to continue taking the pills..

If, like me, you have to take pills every day and you keep forgetting to take them then I have the solution for you – a great app called MediSafe . You see I increasingly find it difficult to remember to keep “taking the pills” and recently after I had my leg in plaster I also had to remember to take a whole lot more of them – and a daily injection!

Some of the medication had to be taken once a day, others had to be taken several times a day and to be honest with you I was so busy and so uninterested in taking the medication that I regularly forgot. I had to find a way to ensure that I kept taking them for obvious reasons and being never more than an arms length away from my trusty smart phone I decided to see if there was a app that I would be able to use to replace my failing memory.

MediSafe is available for the iPhone/iPad for free from the Apple App Store or for Android devices from the Google Play Store. You can even visit their website from your laptop or PC at although, in my expierience, it was the installation of the app on my mobile device that really helped me remember to take the tablets because the great thing about MediSafe is that it reminds you when its time to take your next medication.

MediSafe describe their app as a “virtual pillbox” and that’s a great way to think of it. Once downloaded and installed you can add your medication together with the dose and number of times you need to take it a day (or how many hours between doses) and the app will then remind you to take your medication when its due. One of the best things about the app is that you then tick off the medication as you take it so never again do you have to panic trying to remember whether you took the last pill or not. When you add your medication the app will also match up the name of your medication with its extensive list of medicines so that you can be sure you have the right one before adding your dose and even a colour and appearance (so if you lose the box for your pills you know what they look like).

Medisafe will also list all of your medicine. This is really useful when you go to the doctors or chemist and you’re asked what medication you take. You can whip out your phone and see exactly what drugs you’re on. The app also has a decent number of additional features allowing you to add information about your doctor, your personal information like blood pressure, glucose levels, and loads of other metrics, you can add your doctor appointments into its calendar and be reminded when they are due; all in all its a great reminder tool so that you can keep taking the tablets.