Let’s talk about backups – again!

Let’s talk about backups – again!

Yes, I know I bang on about backups all of the time, but really – there is a very good reason for doing so. Only last week I collected a computer from a business and the PC was exhibiting signs of a damaged hard drive (the bit inside a computer where your important stuff is stored). As I carry the ailing computer out of the office, its owner asks “I won’t lose any of my stuff will I?”. Of course I tried to reassure him that I would do everything possible to save the precious data, but the fact was that it was certainly possible that the data could be lost. Now the frustrating thing about this anecdote is that I have mentioned backups to this company on at least 5 separate occasions, each time it was accepted that they were a good thing but also something that would be “thought about”. Fortunately I did manage to recover the data and sorted out the computer, the owner was very pleased when I returned it, all working great but to my knowledge they still don’t backup their important data.

So, what can or should you do? If you care about your data (I mean your pictures, documents, music, video’s etc.) then back them up – it’s really not that hard to do. If you would prefer for it all to be done automatically for you then use something like carbonite, here is a link to our shop…


…we get a very small commission if you buy from this link but the price to you is the same. Carbonite, for around 50 euros a year offer the automated facility to copy all of your precious data to their servers, its therefore available to get back if the worst happens to your computer . Think of it as a very cheap insurance policy. Carbonite install a small piece of software onto your computer that recognises when new files are created or edited and will automactically copy them up to the cloud. It is a great service at an amazing price; especially when you consider there is no limit to the number of files that can be backed up on one computer!

If you’d prefer to do it yourself then thats pretty easy too, just get hold of a memory stick or external hard drive and copy the important data over to it. If you dont know how then book a session with us and we will visit your home or place of work and teach you how to – we even carry the memory sticks so you could buy one and be taught how to use it all in one simple session.