Kindle E-Book Reader – Part 2

Kindle E-Book Reader – Part 2

This month we continue to look at Amazons book reader, the Kindle.  In March we looked at how you might use additional software to get the best out of the Kindle, and this month we continue in the same vein, covering some of the less well-known features of this great little device.

Something thing that many people are unaware of is that you can take screen shots with yor Kindle – a screen shot is simply a photograph of whatever you have on the screen at the time you take it.  To do this just press ALT + Shift + G together, the screen will flash momentarily and a copy of the screen will be saved to your Kindle’s memory.

To retrieve the screen shots browse to the Kindle’s ‘documents’ folder where you will find all of your books together with the screenshots.

Another thing that many of my customers have trouble with is that their new Kindle is registered by default to and therefore when they try to purchase books they are automatically offered titles from the American store in dollars.

It’s a reasonably simple a process to change the country that your Kindle is registered to – all you need to do is to go to your Amazon account page and update your Kindle profile to show your country as the UK.  It takes about 10 minutes for this change to update on Amazon’s system.  After that when you browse for books on your Kindle you will be offered books from the UK store in Sterling rather than dollars.

Finally there are some games that you can play on your Kindle!

The game that it comes with is Minesweeper and you activate it by holding down ALT + Shift + M, the controls are shown at the start of the game, but the idea is to guess where all the mines are.  Whilst in Minesweeper you can launch another game called GoMoku, this is a version of tick-tak-toe.  To launch this game, just press the letter G whist in Minesweeper.

There are a few other games that you can download for free from Amazon, ‘Shuffled’ and ‘Every Word’ are both word games but highly addictive!

There is a growing community of Kindle users on the Internet so if you want to find out any more information about what you can do with yours just Google it.  I found a lot of useful information at the website

Well that’s about it for this month, I hope you have found it useful, remember that you can see all of our articles on our website at