Is your computer legal

Is your computer legal

This month I would like to take some time to expand on a subject mentioned in last month’s article. I have been contacted by a number of people who have bought PC’s or laptops from computer stores – some of them from VERY large stores in Spain. When purchasing their Spanish computer they have been offered a “conversion” to the English version of the supplied operating system either Windows XP or Vista. However, and this is the problem, they have not been given the appropriate restore media in English.

Unfortunately this fact is only discovered later; possibly months after purchasing the computer, when they need an operating system reinstall because of problems with the computer.

These unfortunates are then faced with a reinstalled computer using only the supplied media – i.e. Spanish language – not exactly what they thought they had paid for.

BE CAREFUL – if anyone offers to install an English operating system on your Spanish bought computer and doesn’t give you the appropriate restore CD or DVD (in English) then they are breaking the law and could face prosecution by Microsoft – not a company that you really want to go to court against – they have a few ‘bob’ spare!

BlueMoon Solutions are a registered Microsoft Partner and, in this capacity, we have spoken to Microsoft and made them aware of the practice employed by some stores; they have confirmed that it is illegal and if they are found to be continuing to trade like this Microsoft will act.

Therefore, if you have bought a computer over the past year or so and have not been given the relevant restore media (contact us if you are not sure what this is), in the correct language, then please drop me an email with your story and I will ensure that Microsoft are made aware if it.

Whilst I’m on the subject of contacting BlueMoon; we will, over the coming months, be running a series of training courses aimed at both a basic “using a computer and the Internet” level and a more advanced “using a computer for business” level.

We would like to gauge the level of interest in this type of training. So, if you would be interested in joining one of the courses, could you please contact us on one of the numbers to the left or email us.

We will want to know your location, the type of things that you are interested in learning and the time of the day that would suit you best.

We can then, based on your feedback, arrange some sessions.

Finally, if you are considering replacing your computer with a “newer model” then shop around, if you want a computer with an English keyboard and an English operating system then speak to BlueMoon Solutions or one of the smaller computer shops, there are loads of companies out there that are capable of providing good advice, cost efficient equipment with excellent after sales advice.