Is It Me…

Is It Me…

I quite often receive phone calls and emails from people telling me that they have problems with their Internet and they dont know whether the problem is with them (i.e. their computer / laptop / tablet) or with their service providers (i.e. Movistar, local wireless provider etc.) – this month we attempt to give you some tools that should help you identify where the problem is and therefore be able to contact the appropriate person with a little more confidence.

Below you will see a flowchart, the original of which you can get from our website at – this flowchart will help you work through most of the serious problems with starting up your computer and connecting it to the Internet, it will help you work out whether the problem requires a computer engineer to visit to investigate or whether you should contact your Internet Service Provider.

I have tried to keep the flowchat as simple to work through as possible, obviously that means that some of the sections arent as verbose as they could be but I hope this makes it easier to follow. There are more detailed notes in a couple of the steps to help you figure out how to move forward.


The flowchart is designed to print onto an A4 sheet in landscape mode, so should be easy enough to keep handy beside your computer; if you cant download it then feel free to drop me an email and I can send you a copy.

We will also be adding the chart to our facebook page. If you havent yet “liked” us then please take the time to do so, you can find us at

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