Health Related Christmas Gifts for Smart Phone Users…

Health Related Christmas Gifts for Smart Phone Users…

Well, we are well and truly on the lead up to Christmas! With that in mind I thought I would review some tech-based health themed Christmas gifts that you might want to consider for the smartphone user in your life.

Withings do a great range of health devices that will communicate direct with your smart phone, tablet or PC to enable you to track various aspects of your health.

Take their smart bathroom scales for example, you can order them from Amazon for around 120 euros and they will use your home wifi to transmit direct to your phone / tablet your weight, heart rate and body fat (useful for people like me who have far too much of that particular item!). They even tell you what the air quality is like – a questionable feature for something that lives in the bathroom if you ask me! The great thing about these scales (yes I have some) is that the daily information is stored online (securely) so that you can track your statistics at a glance.

Each member of the household is automatically recognised by the scales and has their own information separately stored and sent to their own account.

Withings also have a blood pressure monitor that works in the same way – using the same app on your phone and for those of you that have an Apple iPhone or iPad, the app even talks to the new “health app” and integrates additional information like the number of steps you have walked each day. Just like the bathroom scales, priced at around 120 euros from Amazon, the blood pressure monitor works with both with the iPhone / iPad and also any Android device, keeping a record of your blood pressure measurements and sending them securely to your account online.

Both of these health devices can work in conjunction with another great fitness app called MyFitnessPal – if you’re looking to loose weight or just track your fitness then this is a great free app to grab ánd put on your smartphone – MyFitnessPal allows you, not only automatically to track your weight and fitness information (number of steps walked each day for example), it also allows you to track calorie information by adding your daily food consumption. They make it so easy, you just scan the bar codes of the things that you have eaten – yes it really works in Spain! For things that dont have a bar code you can search the extensive database (it even knows what “tostada con aceite” is!) – with this information it can tell you whether you have consumed enough calories for the day or whether you have more left to eat. It takes into account your exercise and grants you more calories because of it – its a great way to track your daily consumption accurately, it even shows you nutritional information based on the foods you have eaten and nags you if you haven’t eaten enough or have skipped a meal.

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