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Function Keys – What Do They Do?

Function Keys – What Do They Do?

You may have noticed a row of keys at the top of your keyboard and wondered what they were. The keys I’m referring to are the ones marked F1 – F12 and they are called Function Keys. They are used to perform quick actions in most programs and operating systems and when you get used to using them, and they can save time on repetitive tasks. This month we will look at some of the more common uses for this set of keys.

F1 – This is possibly the most useful key on your keyboard, it almost always brings up the help pages in whatever program you’re using.

F2 – In all versions of Windows, this key will rename a highlighted folder, just click on the folder and press F2 to rename it.

F3 – Search is usually launched with this button, when in Windows explorer, just press F3 to search for files.

F4 – When combined with the ALT key you can use F4 to close the current program

F5 – This is the refresh key. Press it in any web browser and it will reload the current page or press it in windows explorer and it will refresh the file list.

F6 – When in a web browser, the F6 key will move your cursor to the address bar to enable you to search for anything.

F7 – Spell check is usually launched by pressing the F7 key in many word processors

F8 – This is not used much in Windows with the exception of entering Windows safe mode in many versions

F9 – Can be used to refresh your inbox in Microsoft Outlook (i.e. send and receive)

F10 – This is used to access the recovery partition on some models of laptop, including HP

F11 – Change a web browser to full screen mode (and back again) – try it.

F12 – This key can be used to open firebug (a tool used by web developers)

There are also a number of other keys (usually coloured blue on a laptop) that when used with the fn button can do a number of other functions – things like changing the volume or muting the laptop, disabling or enabling the mousepad etc.