Mary wanted to know how to safely delete all of the information from her old computer.

Q. Hi Richard, I now have a new laptop and one day I will need to dispose of my oldContinue Reading

Karl had forgotten the wireless password for his router.

Q. Hi Richard, about a year ago you install windows 7, Norwegian version, on my PC.  You also set upContinue Reading

David was trying to translate some documents that he had scanned into his computer.

Q. Richard, you’ve helped me out once before and I wonder if you would have a look at another problemContinue Reading

Brian wanted help translating pages on the Internet

Q. Hi Rich, when I go to a Spanish web site I use Google translate to help me read theContinue Reading

Simon was having some trouble ejecting a DVD from his Mac

Q. Hi Richard, not sure whether you have experience of Mac computers or not, most of your answers seem relatedContinue Reading

Sally was having problems with the free word Office package – OpenOffice

Q. Hi Richard, every time I switch on my computer I get this message:  Either another instance of OpenOffice.org isContinue Reading

Dawn was looking for help with using Windows 7 and wanted advice on good books to buy.

Q. Hi Richard,  I have seen your page in the courier and would appreciate if you could advise me onContinue Reading

Shirley wanted more detailed instructions for her operating system on the keyboard help printed last week

Q. Hello Richard, have read your article in Courier paper about changing my Spanish keyboard to English.  However when IContinue Reading

Paul was asking how he could share files from one computer to another using his wireless router.

Q. Hello Richard, I have a main PC which is hard wired to the Internet and I have a laptopContinue Reading

Mary wanted to know how to set up a group in her email client so that she could send one email to many people easily.

Q. Hello Richard, I use Windows 7 on my laptop and for emails I use Windows Live Mail.  There areContinue Reading