Joan was having problems when trying to print her emails.

Joan was having problems when trying to print her emails.

Q. Hi Richard, the following error message comes up every time I try to print out an Email…

Internet Explorer script error.
An error has occured in the script on this page
Line 2253
Char 1
Error Unspecified error code 0
URL res://reframe.dll/preview.js

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page    YES.   NO.

I have Windows live mail, Google as my browser. This problem has only happened during the last few months.  As you can imagine it is very difficult, if I want to print out airline boarding cards etc.  Hope you can solve this problem for me. I am a member of the Torre Computer Club and have found all your lectures very interesting.

A. Hi Joan, this is an interesting one, I have seen only a few times before but not in this particular format.  What we can try to do is to re-register one of the dynamic link libraries (.dll) that is used in this type of action, the research I have done for you seems to suggest that this might help fix the problem.

Click on the start menu icon and click run (I am assuming that you are using Windows XP – if not then just click start and type the following into the search box at the bottom of the screen) …

regsvr32 ole32.dll

…now press the enter key, restart the computer and see if the problem persists.