Ever Thought Of Donating Your Organs?

Ever Thought Of Donating Your Organs?

I’ll grant you, it’s not something that you would usually find on my pages, but because it involves using the Internet to register, I’m claiming it as something that I can write about!

I guess it’s not something that we like to think about much but if we can help people before or after our demise then that’s a good thing in my opinion.

People may want to offer their organs for transplantation after they “shuffle off this mortal coil” but don’t know how they can register to do this in Spain.

The ONT is Spain’s “Organización Nacional de Trasplantes” and are part of the ministry of health, social services and quality. This service manages donations of bone marrow and other vital organs. If you’d like to register online to donate then you can do so from this link…


…as with last month’s article, it’s easiest if you use a browser that automatically translates pages for you – Google Chrome does this and as you will see from the above page, you can either donate bone marrow (or register to receive it) or organs.

Once you visit the page above there are two options shown at the top of the screen, “donante de medulla” (donate bone marrow) and “donante de organos” (donate organs), you choose the option that suits you and complete the information. If you’re interested in donating organs then the ONT ask for your name, location and email address, they ask that you setup a password so that they can keep in touch with you securely and you will then receive a digital donation card to your email address.