Smart Phones

Free App for your SmartPhone

There is good news for those of you that have smart phones – thats apparently 66 percent of Spain! The popular translation app “Word Lens” is now free! The company that created it, Quest Visual has been bought by Google and they have immediately made the app free for download – great for us!

We reviewed the app when it first came out back in 2010, but its always worth a refresher. The app translates any text that you can see through your smart phones camera lens, on the fly! So you just load up the app and then point your smartphone at some text (usually Spanish in our case right?) and it will automatically translate it in front of your eyes, its really weird but amazing, for example if you were pointing your phone at a document, what you see on the page would be in Spanish and what you see through your smartphone screen is English! Read this entire article »

Happy Valentines Day!

This month will see an orgy of gift-giving and sloppy obsession as couples around the Costa Blanca show their appreciation for one another on Valentine’s Day, so this month I thought we would have a look at some technology you might want to buy your other half to help get them into better shape.

Of course if you really loved your partner you would have bought them a Microsoft X-Box One for Christmas like my lovely wife did! If you didn’t then don’t worry, by using the information in this article I’m sure you will be able to recover and once again ingratiate yourself with your other half. Read this entire article »

Smart “stuff” – phones, tablets and other smart devices

Everything seems to be picking up the tag of “smart” nowadays with SmartPhones, SmartTV’s and even SmartFridges we are being bombarded with promises that by buying the latest gadget it will help us, and in some way make our lives easier.

I am old enough to remember a time before video recorders, DVD players, mobile phones and the Internet. Ask anyone under the age of 20 what a video recorder was and they will look at you with a slightly confused look – inform them that there was a point in time when the Internet didn’t exist and they will have you carted off to the nearest hospital! The fact is that we get used to technology so quickly and it integrates into our lives so completely that we soon wonder how on earth we ever coped without it.

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