Bryan S – San Luis

Bryan S – San Luis

In this modern age of technology, many things beyond our control, CAN go wrong, then you ask yourself: ‘How the hell do I sort this out’? Well, here is YOUR answer…BLUEMOON SOLUTIONS!

My DELL desktop FAILED to live up to expectations, refusing to operate, JUST as the ‘warranty’ expired!

I spoke with the lovely lady: Liesl who IMMEDIATELY launched a ‘rescue’ plan, and duefully sent Richard out to collect the machine for ‘on the spot’ repairs, unfortunately, the silly DELL didn’t work at that time, so Richard escorted it to the ‘sick bay’, where he discovered that the stupid thing was beyond repair!

Richard traveled from his home to collect AND return the item, how much?… ZERO!

NOW, with myself being a little bit reluctant to ‘trust’ estate agents/ car sales people and the like, this gesture, was beyond the call of duty! It is VERY rare to find such a dedicated couple, who assist the customer in the best way, with answers to their problems with solutions, and NOT have their hands In YOUR pocket!

I DO hope that Lisle and Richard continue to provide such an excellent service, and go from strength to strength! They deserve it!
Thank you both again…

Yours most sincerely…Bryan S (San Luis).

PS…I thought that my desktop,may have lasted that ‘little bit longer’! DELL? Forget it!