Book your medical appointments online with Salut App

Book your medical appointments online with Salut App

A couple of years ago, we wrote about the Generalitat Valenciana website pages that help you book your medical appointments online. Although the website worked, it was, however ‘protected’ with some digital certificates that caused problems for so many people that for many it was simply unusable.

Now there is a new and more friendly option if you have a smartphone or tablet – which I know many of you do. GVA + Salut is a mobile app that our regional governers have created to help make booking online easy – well easier anyway! The app, understandably is only available in Valenciano or Castillano, but its much easier to use than the website.

You can get the app from either the Google Play Store at or from the Apple iTunes store at or you can search for GVA + Salut yourself.

In order to use the app you will need your date of birth (fecha de hacimiento) and your SIP number (the middle number on your SIP health card. When you first download and install the app on your phone or tablet you will then be asked for these two pieces of information in order to set up the app correctly. After entering this information you will be asked to create a pin number (codigo de seguridad) that you will then use to access the app in the future (to save having to put in your details in every time).

Once setup, you can create new appointments (solicitar nueva cita), choose your family doctor and select a date (dia), time from (hora de inicio) and time to (hora limite), the times are when you are able to visit the doctor as on the next screen you will see all availableable appointments between those times that you entered. Just select your preferred appointment time and click reserve (reservar cita seleccionada) and you’re done!