Backup, Backup, Backup!

Backup, Backup, Backup!

There, I said it – three times in fact! It’s simply the most important thing that you could be doing when using your computer. Every day I see people who have lost precious photographs, important documents and music collections, all becase they didnt take the time to back up their data.

The story is often the same, “I didn’t have time”, “I didn’t know what to do” or “I was going to do it next week” and the concequence is often the same, i.e. the loss of some or all of your important or personal data.

The data in your computer is stored predominently on your hard drive. This is a physical device and is usually a spinning disk that can become damaged or corrupt by a number of things, such as virus, power failure or physical abuse to name a few. If your hard drive becomes damaged then you may lose some or all of your files. Of course you can protect against this by making sure that you back them up – this is where we can help.

BlueMoon Solutions have teamed up with Carbonite to bring you some great value deals for backing up your computers!

Just point your computer to…

…and click on “view our plans” – the best value plan and the one that the majority of people need is just $59.99 – thats less than 50 euros a year! With this plan you can back up as much data as you like (yes its unlimited) securely over the Internet to servers in the US.

So, how does it work? Well it’s pretty simple really, and you can even ‘try before you buy’. Simply download a piece of software onto your computer giving you the ability to select the folders that you want to back up (or it will even automatically select them for you based on their contents). Once selected these folders are automatically included in the backup plan. They are initially copied up to Carbonite’s storage servers in the US and if any of the files change or you add any new files to these folders, they too are uploaded – remember there is no limit to the number of files you are able to back up!

There are, of course, other plans for businesses and for those that want to back up external hard drives, all at affordable prices. There are also smart phone apps to allow you to get access to your backed up data from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. So, all in all, there is really no excuse now not to back your data up 🙂