2014 – Review

2014 – Review

Wow, what a year! It doesn’t seem two minutes ago that we were complaining about how hot it was – now we have the log burners on and are sitting shivering under the blankets at night! This month, given its a New Year I thought it might be nice to review what we covered last year in our monthly articles.

At the beginning of the year we had all the fun and games surrounding the CryptoLocker virus. We managed to warn as many people as possible about its existence and even managed to find a way to help you keep safe. Then later on in the year we published information on how you would be able to recover your data if you were in the unfortunate situation of having it encrypted, Our articles bluemoonsolutions.es/crypto-locker-virus and bluemoonsolutions.es/crypto-virus-update-how-to-protect-yourself and bluemoonsolutions.es/in-the-news-again-crypto-virus-update-how-to-protect-yourself, and finally bluemoonsolutions.es/crypto-locker-get-your-data-back-for-free give you the full technical lifecycle of being aware, preventing infection and finally how to cure your computer of it.

Staying with the happy subject of things that can harm your computer we also covered the Heart Bleed bug and how it was misreported in most of the press. We put the record straight ensuring that you had the most up to date, independent and “plain English” advice, the kind you always get from us. We covered Valentines day (as we will again next month) and tried to give you some tips for which might be good gifts to buy for your loved one. You can see the full article here bluemoonsolutions.es/happy-valentines-day

Another hot topic in the news that was getting well and truely misreported was the announcement by Microsoft that Windows XP would go “end of life”. Many were reporting this as being a HUGE problem and with our tongue in cheek title of “Armageddon coming to a Windows XP machine near you!” we gave you some common sense advice in a language you tell me that you can relate to. The article covered some easy steps that you could take if you didn’t want to replace your aging computer just yet – bluemoonsolutions.es/armageddon-coming-to-a-windows-xp-machine-near-you
We informed you of new, important software – bluemoonsolutions.es/upgrading-your-avg-software to help you protect your computer and revealed how we choose the antivirus software that we recommend – bluemoonsolutions.es/antivirus-review again being independent and transparent helps us to help you keep safe whilst using your computer.

We published articles to help you decide how to detect malicious or suspicious emails – bluemoonsolutions.es/suspicious-emails-how-to-tell-if-they-are-real-or-not to try to help the number of our customers who get caught out and infected to a minimum and in the same vein we continued to bang on about backups and how important they really are in protecting your data – bluemoonsolutions.es/backup-backup-backup

This coming year we hope to give you the same good, plain English advice on the news topics, new technology and advances that we think you guys would like to read about.